The creation of the world bicol protagonist

If your protagonist is weak, people will stop reading instantly. Oh, and what about Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver? Okay, that was a movie, but you get the point. Of course, the plot and outcome of your story will determine much of how your character will react to his or her surroundings. Your character could just as easily be a skinny moral blank who is scared of poodles. Wimpy, feeble, dulcet, cowardly or morally questionable. Will display a host of recurring weaknesses.

Slightly wimpy, feeble, dulcet, cowardly or morally questionable. Will display a recurring weakness, but with some redeemable inner strength.

Quite ordinary and unassuming by nature but with decent core morals, but an ability to surprise at times. Fairly ordinary and unassuming by nature but with decent core morals, plus an obvious ability to surprise, plus and a recurring strength. The very embodiment of good. Brash, courageous and morally superior, with a host of skills and talents that come in handy throughout the course of the story.

Now that you know where your protagonist stands on the spectrum, you will be able to give him, her or indeed, it, a name and bring them to life — just like Jepetto did with Pinocchio, or Frankenstein did with his Monster.

Naming your protagonist will provide additional direction and the shot of inspiration you need to reach that all-important breakthrough. Before you settle on a name, remember your decision will form the foundation of your character, so choose carefully.

Sit somewhere comfortable, notepad in hand and open your mind up to the past. Examine their character traits and write down any adjectives that fit, arranging them methodically as you go. And finally, choose your name. Walking away from your project is an essential part of the ideation process, and it will allow all of those loose ideas in your mind filter themselves, leaving the best ones free to hit you square in the cranium and take things up a notch.

So take a walk, go for a beer with a friend, enjoy a swim, watch Netflix, or anything else that will distract you from the task at hand — and all of a sudden, that eureka moment will strike.

This quick guide will help:. With a newfound fire in your belly, work your way through this character persona checklist.The stories of ancient Philippine mythology include deities, creation stories, mythical creatures, and folk beliefs. These vary among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Here are some of the more prominent characters. Terraforming of Magayon by Alfran Marfil. Sovereign of all the flying creatures in the skies. Love is one thing stronger than the gods for it killed her and Paros, other belief that they have found contentment and had simply slept, the sky and the sea.

Paros — The divine embodiment of the windsever changing, arrogant and polygamous until he was bested by Dagat,he fell in love with her and changed his old ways, they ruled over all the skies and seas. When he died his energy gave birth to the Taong Lipod or the wind people and the trinity of the most powerful gods of Bicol Cagurangan,Gugurang,Asuangand to lesser gods such as Onos and Batala.

Daga persuaded his bothers to attack Languiton to steal his power but failed. He was struck down and his body became the earth. Bulan obeyed his brothers will without question. Bituoon — Lovely and bright and the only daughter of Paros and Dagat, She was of silver, She was accidentally killed by Languiton thus became the stars.

Cagurangan had control over the winds and all the flying beast. He commanded light and fire. Depicted as tall,muscular with silver hair, He once resided in Kamurayan or heavens but left to reside in Mt.

Mayon, in his place he put Bulan in the heavens with the wind people. Sa pinaka-simula, ang buhay ng sangkatauhan ay alay lahat kay Gugurang na pinakamakapangyarihan. He is the symbol of the good an mga marhay ready to punish the bad an mga maraot.

When the people saw fire calayo flowing out of the crater of Mayon, they would grow afraid. They would then offer a sacrifice atang to him to appease his wrath. The Baliana, priestess, officiated in the ceremony. Always when they committed wrong, there would be loud moaning of the earth followed by an eruption of fire and lava. Gugurang by Alfran Marfil. He tried to steal Gugurangs scared fire but failed. He was also from the heavens but descended to Mt. Asuang by Alfran Marfil. He is invoked in times of need and trouble.

the creation of the world bicol protagonist

He comes in a form of a bird and is believed to be a middle aged man with a robust physic. Venerated by fishermen and sea voyagers.

the creation of the world bicol protagonist

He gives bountiful catch and safe passage to all who call to him. Bakunawa by Alfran Marfil. He is the guardian of the Takay a lesser god. Takay fell in love with Kanaway, he was separating the two. He shot Kanaway with his lightning but Kanaway only turned to stone, he god angry and attacked mt.

the creation of the world bicol protagonist

Asog with numerous lighting bolts thus making it sink and turn into now Lake Buhi. He whistles to imitate the call of birds and human, he is prayed upon in times of hunting. Believed to be the daughter of the deity Asuang. Oryol possesses inhuman beauty and prowess when it comes to seduction.

Aside from being beautiful in stories, it is told that she has a beautiful voice that could lure anyone both men and women, even animals Half of her body is a serpent.

It is believed that the Naga and the Magindara obey her every command for she is a demigoddess.The Protagonist is the main character of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlinesand is directly controlled by the player — their personality, deeds, clanetc.

Bicolano people

At the start of the game, the player can choose one of the following clans:. In late Octoberthe protagonist and an unknown Kindred sleep together in a Santa Monica hotel room. Afterward, the Kindred, whose clan depends on which clan the player chose to be during character creation, embraces the protagonist. Later, members of the Camarilla burst into the room and immobilize both Sire and Childe with wooden stakes, and take the two of them to an audience in front of the vampiric population at the Elysium known as the "Nocturne Theatre".

At the Elysium, Prince Sebastian LaCroix presents their case to the crowd, saying that the sire of the protagonist violated the Traditions of vampiric society by creating another Kindred without the Prince's consent.

Persona 5: Xander Mobus Talks About Playing the Protagonist!

The sire is immediately executed by the Sheriff. Before the protagonist suffer the same fate, however, a prominent member of the audience know as Nines Rodriguez audibly objects to the sentencing. This causes the Prince to pause, and alter his course of action in an attempt to keep relations civil.

LaCroix decides to allow the protagonist to live, explaining to them the laws of their society, and granting them shelter in Santa Monica. From then on, the protagonist is set to work for the Camarilla, and is first tasked with meeting their contact, Mercurio.

Before that, however, the protagonist meets the legendary anarch known as Smiling Jackwho introduces them to the basics of survival and vampiric society. After dealing with a Sabbat raid through Jack's guidance, the protagonist takes a cab to their first havenlocated above a Pawnshop. The fledgling's generationan indication of how far a vampire is removed from Caine, can be determined by their total blood pool count, which is fifteen.

This is equal to 8th generation, not 13th, as some assume it to be. This allows to judge the generation of some other vampires by the result of using mental Disciplines.

Generation of LaCroix is hence at least 8th too, since he can dominate the fledgling during the storyline and will do so if the player doesn't obey his orders. His failure to dominate the fledgling in the end can be probably explained by the character developing the Iron Will merit, which allows to resist domination by spending willpower. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? At the start of the game, the player can choose one of the following clans: Brujah Gangrel Malkavian Nosferatu Toreador Tremere Ventrue Contents [ show ].

Categories :. Cancel Save.We suppose Victor is the primary protagonist, since he is the main person we are concerned with. We see what he wants and we're invested in his character. He also fits the "tragic hero" role as forces outside of his control continually thwart his desires. Well, sort of outside his control.

History of Bicol Literature

All the guy wants is compassion and companionship —what's more puppy-dog-protagonist loveable than that? Of all the characters in this story, he is the only one who performs any true acts of grace: he saves the little girl from drowning in the river; he gathers firewood for the peasants at the cottage; he DOESN'T judge people based on their appearances. In fact, if we read this novel as a creation story, which we sometimes do, the obvious protagonist becomes the monster.

He stands in for man confronting the basic human condition of suffering in an indifferent world with an absent God. In this way, we can relate to him far more than to the other characters. They all suffer because they've brought about their own downfall through their own mistakes.

Well, maybe not Elizabeth, although she does make the big mistake of liking Victor. But the monster was just born with bad luck. Log In. Character Roles Protagonist Antagonist Foil. Kirwin M. Waldman M. Protagonist Character Role Analysis Victor Frankenstein We suppose Victor is the primary protagonist, since he is the main person we are concerned with.

Logging out…. Logging out You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds I'm Still Here! W hy's T his F unny?It was long ago the universe was vacant and spacious where vast expense of water and the sky can only be seen. But Tubigan has nothing to do with it because he was luxuriously sleeping deep underwater. Then Langit realizes what he has done to them serves him right and the Grandfathers regretted and wept over their grandchildren.

Soon a fish trap was invented by Maisog the man. Soon after he caught the large whale to be worshiped by the people. Moments later, the the two remaining sorry ass Gods came down the earth to trash talk Maisog for worshiping the big dope whale and wanted to worship only the gods. What happened to Maisog? And the others uhhmm where scorched in the east and became brown turd people. Also the others were carried in the east and eat clay doh for food cause of lack of food.

Good bye. Duran V. As their innocent sister Bitoon notice their absence, she look for them but she was also struck by another bolt of lightning as she engraged the God Laguit which broke her body into pieces. And because of what happened Tubigan and Languit regretted and wept over the loss of their grandchildern, they gave each body a light. And they make new for the remembrance of their grandchildren, so these things were somewhat the reason why the world was created.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. Then Langit realizes what he has done to them serves him right and the Grandfathers regretted and wept over their grandchildren After the realization, Tubigan planted a seed which grew into bamboo RATAAN!!!

In the real worldthe respect for other people especially to the older people begins to fade away as time goes by. People already forgot how to treat parents, grandparents and many people around them. They easily answered back to them and sometimes disobey their rules and regulations but somehow parents discipline by giving them punishments.

Christine Mesina. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Author: Quadrodome Posting multiple reactions of stories, selection, poems, songs and others for viewers to have an insight of what it is all about.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.Otley Beyer. Thousands and thousands of years ago, there was a time when the space occupied by the universe was vacant.

The moon, the sun, the stars, and the earth were conspicuous by their absence. Only the vast expanse of water and the sky above it could be seen. The kingdom of the sky was under the rule of the great god Languitwhile the water was under the sovereignty of the god Tubigan.

Languit had a daughter called Dagatthe sea, who became the wife of Parosthe windwho was the son of Tubigan. Four children were born to Dagat and Paros, three of whom were boys called DagaAldaoand Bulanand one girl called Bitoon. Daga, a strong man, possessed a body of rock; Aldao, a jolly fellow, had a body of gold; Bulan, a copper-made man, was a weakling; while the beautiful Bitoon was made of pure silver. After the death of their father Paros, Daga, being the eldest son, succeeded in control of the winds.

Soon after, Dagat, the mother died, leaving her children under the care of the grandparents Languit and Tubigan. After assuming control of the winds, Daga became arrogant and ambitious, desiring to gain more power, so he induced his younger brothers to attack the kingdom of Languit. Preparations were made and when everything was ready, they set out on their expedition and began to attack the gates of the sky. Failing to open the gates, Daga let loose the winds in all directions so that the gate was destroyed and the brothers succeeded in gaining entrance.

But they were met by the enraged Languit who set out three bolts of lightning after them. All of them were struck by lightning. The copper body of Bulan melted into a ball; so also was the golden body of Aldao.

Used with permission from GCF Books. Their sister Bitoon, on discovering the absence of her brothers, went out to look for them. But upon meeting the enraged god Languit, Bitoon was also struck by another bolt of lightning which broke her body into many pieces. Then Languit descended from the sky and called Tubigan and accused him of helping their grandsons in their attack on his kingdom. But Tubigan defended himself saying he had no knowledge about the attack for he was asleep far down into the sea.

Tubigan succeeded in pacifying Languit and the two regretted and wept over the loss of their grandchildren. Since they could not revive them, they gave each body a light. Tubigan then planted a seed which grew into a bamboo tree. From one of its branches came a man and a woman, who became the first parents of the human race.

Three children were born to them. One called Maisog invented a fish trap. One day he caught such a very big and grotesque looking whale that he thought it was a god, so he ordered his people to worship it. The people gathered around and began to pray; but no sooner they had begun, when gods from the sky appeared and commanded Maisog to throw the whale to the water and worship no one but the gods. But Maisog was not afraid and defied the gods.

Languit, the king of the sky, struck Maisog with lightning and stunned him.In: Historical Events.

the creation of the world bicol protagonist

While they may have achieved much in their own literature in, say, Cebuano, Bikol, or Hiligaynon, they remain obscure elsewhere, because their work has been little translated, little critically reviewed, and therefore little seriously considered for national or international awards. Jalandoni is hardly alone in this predicament; It is composed or written in any of the Philippine languages, in Spanish and in English, and in Chinese as well.

Philippine literature may be produced in the capital city of Manila and in the different urban centers and rural outposts, even in foreign lands where descendants of Filipino migrants use English or any of the languages of the Philippines to create works that tell about their lives and aspirations.

The forms used by Filipino authors may be indigenous or borrowed from other cultures, and these may range from popular pieces addressed to mass audiences to highly sophisticated works intended for the intellectual elite. Having gone through two colonial regimes, the Philippines has manifested the cultural influences of the Spanish and American colonial powers in its literary production.

Works may be grouped according to the dominant tradition or traditions operative in them. The first grouping belongs to the ethnic tradition, which comprises oral lore identifiably precolonial in provenance and works that circulate within contemporary communities of tribal Filipinos, or among lowland Filipinos that have maintained their links with the culture of their non-Islamic or non-Christian ancestors.

The second grouping consists of works that Most of these h ealers consider their healing craft as God- given, a calling from a supernatural being, a nd consequently, their h ealing practices with are profusely infused with prayers and reli gious rituals.

Although their patient-base is rural, they are also present in the urba n and suburban communities, albeit in small scattered niches serving burgi s alternative needs, the impoverished or the transplanted rural folk.

The Albularyo In the rural areas, by tradition and because of chronic economic constraints, the albularyos are the general practitioners, the prim ary dispensers of health care.

As with the other healers, there is usually a history of a healer in the family-line and their healing considered a "calling," a power or ability bestowed by a supernatural being, often, attributed to the Holy Spirit.

Often lacking in formal education, his skills are based on and honed from hand-me-down practices and lore, with a long period of understudy or apprenticeship with a local healer. Years of patience and study bri ng the healer into a familiarity with the lore a nd rituals of healing, the prayers, and the use of herbal medicinal plants. Some acquire an expertis e in the art of pulse taking and diagnosis. In a country with numerous and diverse et hnic communities, the dissimilarities in healing practices come as no surprise.

The albularyos minister The latest estimate is languages, or if Chavacano is included McFarland Although these languages are in some ways grammatically and lexically similar, they are mutually unintelligible. Furthermore, each of the major languages has several dialects that differ, especially at the phonological and lexical levels.

Depending on their region of origin, Filipino immigrants will speak at least one dialect of one of these mutually unintelligible languages. Because of immigration, these major languages as well as Pampango and Pangasinan are represented in America. Tagalog, Pilipino, Filipino Following the mandate of the Constitution, President Manuel Quezon proclaimed Tagalog as the basis of the national language in To free the Tagalog-based national language from its ethnic ties and therefore to facilitate its acceptance, Tagalog was renamed Pilipino in However, the Constitution rescinded the choice of Tagalog Pilipino as the basis of the national language Gonzales, Pilipino was established as one of the two official languages of the Philippines under the Constitution -- the other being English.

The true origins of belly dancing are debated among enthusiasts. To the rythmic clapping of bamboo poles, the dancers weave expertly through crisscrossed bamboos, the ladies dressed in elegant Muslim costumes waving great big fans, the men flipping brightly colored handkerchiefs right and left. The dancers wearing solemn faces and maintaining a dignified pose being dancing at a slow pace which soon progresses to a faster tempo.

Nothing daunted, Princess Gandingan skipped nimbly from place to place and no tree or rock ever touched her tiny feet.

BICOL Origin Myth: The Creation of the World

When performed by ladies of the royalty of Lanao, the dancer is usually accompanied by a waiting lady, who holds a beautifully decorated umbrella over the Princess' head wherever she goes.

The dance has no definite number of steps or figures. Even the arm movements are improvised and executed according to the mood and skill of the dancers. The fastest growing city in Bicolandia, it faces the internal challenge of maintaining high level of human development even as its population is projected to double within the next two decades.


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