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SYFY To Air A 24-Hour FRIDAY THE 13TH Movie Marathon on March 13

Adena Stiles. Show all 47 episodes. Guest Panelist.Syfy Channel had already dropped the hammer on its time-travel pilot Rewind before the cable channel aired it on August 26 story. The show starred Shane McRae as an ex-Special Forces operative Henry Knox, who joins up with a secret program that uses newly-discovered time travel technology to go back in time and alter events — for the benefit of humanity, of course. It incorporated the best of StargateSlidersand The Outer Limitswith potential for both stand-alone episodes and as the cliffhanger finale revealed an on-going story arc.

Rewind starts with an astonishing event: the destruction of New York City and the deaths of millions of innocent people, including those nearest and dearest to our heroes. Of course, not every week would necessarily provide New York-scale stakes. But the show could have gone big on a pretty regular basis, eventually making it clear that the secret facility was all that stood between the world and total, global annihilation. Rewind is the first show in a long time with the possible exception of Continuum to feature time travel as a regular and central part of the plot.

Rather than sidelining this staple of science fiction, the pilot put it front-and-center. The premise makes for a huge number of potential stories — not just fixing things that have gone wrong, but challenges that are time-related themselves.

Can the jump to delayed, or forced to happen early? What if the machine breaks mid-mission? What if it sends them to the wrong time period? Or if someone from the past stumbles through to the present?

Midnight, Texas: Why NBC's "Popcorn" Series is Resurrection-Worthy (BC Rewind)

Stargate told a lot of great stories that involved the gate itself going haywire, and Rewind could have done some very cool things here. Just how big does an event have to be in order to warrant the rewriting of events? Or the accidental death of one individual? Should the heroes go back to the s? How much can they get away with altering? If they wind up stuck in the past, would they really take suicide pills? If they can kill their target without any major ripples in history … should they?See our picks.

Digging through the vast collection of his father's home videos, a young man reconstructs the unthinkable story of his boyhood and exposes vile abuse passed through generations. Karen, a recovering addict, has settled into a successful new life with her husband and young daughter. When Karl, an old boyfriend recently released from prison, turns up unexpectedly, Two down-on-their-luck waitresses become paid guinea pigs in a wacky doctor's time travel experiments in this erotic adult comedy.

Traveling back and forth through History has a peculiar When his father passes away, a man is unwilling to make peace with their estranged relationship, until he finds in his father's belongings, the video recording of a baseball game. Home video changed the world. The cultural and historical impact of the VHS tape was enormous. This film traces the ripples of that impact by examining the myriad aspects of society that were altered by the creation of videotape.

Ex-Police Commissioner Lenders makes a staggering discovery while investigating a murder: one of the victims comes from another time period. A gruesome snuff video is found in a sex booth. It shows a young woman who is tortured, killed, and dismembered by an unknown sadist. The deadly blade is hidden inside the camera itself. Simon Templar The Saintis a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on toppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret.

Mansart, a former terrorist imprisoned Bovais asked by the authorities to help them to understand the new wave of terrorism across Europe. Mansart accepts, with the sustain of a A team of military field operatives and civilian scientists must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter past events in order to change the future and avoid a devastating terrorist attack.

I had set my DVR to record the series not knowing it was a one shot deal. If they knew this up front, it was one lousy and confusing ending. A madman had killed over nine million people with a nuclear bomb in New York and using an untested top secret project three people go back some 54 years to set the man on the right path thus saving New York. They make it back with seconds to spare and everything seems okay until a military officer overseeing the project steps thru the time stream to an unknown time or location.All Ages Productions is a full service creative film and video production company in Philadelphia specializing in commercials and branded content across platforms.

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midnight rewind syfy

Sailor Jerry Rum. Molly Sarle. Iggy Pop: Sailor Jerry. Pilsner Urquell. Fabric Horse. Dan Deacon. NBC Universal. The Summer of Sprout. T Magazine. The Expanse: Season One Recap. The Both. ABOUT All Ages Productions is a full service creative film and video production company in Philadelphia specializing in commercials and branded content across platforms.NBC 's Midnight, Texas is a fun supernatural drama full of enchanting, bizarre, unnerving and sometimes hilarious twists.

The bold series — based on Charlaine Harris ' novels — caters to an audience that appreciates nuanced and outlandish tales told in an unguarded and spectacular fashion. An enigmatic ensemble of Midnighters — an angel, demon, vampire, were-tiger, witch, medium, assassin, and "normal" locals — team up to fight evil forces, so of course romance, magic, violence, and chaos ensues!

Midnight combines the brash thrills and chills of The Magicians with Wynonna Earp's righteous responsibility of ensuring Good prevails over Evil.

It's no shock that NBC canceled the show ahead of its open-ended Season 2 finale which garnered steady ratings. According to TVLineUniversal intends to "shop the show to other outlets" — meaning a rebirth at a service like Netflix is quite possible.

Like many of Netflix's other supernatural sagas, Midnight, Texas encourages viewers to come along on a wild ride and maintains a healthy sense of humor in the midst of apocalyptic doom.

A small collection of supernatural misfits bond and form an unconventional family in the mysterious small town of Midnight. While overcoming a series of mystifying obstacles — which includes sending a ruthless demon back to Hell — he befriends the alluring Midnighters. Joe Jason Lewis is a fallen angel who spent millennia fighting demons until he fell in love with one. Chuy Bernardo Saracino is a rare demon who painstakingly resists his evil instincts and lives a peaceful life with his doting husband.

We love seeing Joe spread his wings and protectively fly over the town. Midnight has its own guardian angel!

Nicholas Meyer talks Star Trek Discovery, Khan Spin-off series and more (Exclusive Interview)

Emilio Yul Vazquez tries redeeming himself by serving as their priest, friend, and confidant. He also happens to be a were-tiger. That's right — tiger! Don't worry, he's responsible and takes great precaution for his monthly transformations. Olivia Arielle Kebbel is a kickass assassin with daddy issues. She finds a soulmate in Lem Peter Mensaha remorseful vampire with an equal amount of baggage.

Syfy “Midnight Rewind”

We see Olivia's softer side in Season 2 — caring for a sought-after young were-tiger trigger her maternal instincts. Fear not, Bobo is one of the good guys and denounces his twisted family. They make a super cute couple with some supernatural challenges. Also, Fiji has some pretty cool mojo to show off throughout the series. Manfred offers fascinating insights as the town's newcomer and veteran medium.

He hails from a line of gypsy psychics and knows how to get answers from the other realm.Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.

Skip to main content. Latest Episodes Watch current episodes and full seasons all in one place. E3 Nobody's Queen. E2 Yippee Ki Yay. E13 Fillory and Further. E1 A Royal Ass-Kicking. E1 20 Women to Watch in E12 The Balls. Alien News Desk 12 Full Episode s. E 11 Princes of Mange. E 10 Bloated Acquisition Piles. E 9 Cumbersome Dongles.

E 8 A Wasteland of Rehashed Dreck. E 7 Corrupt, Bloviating Narcissists. E 6 A Very Norffy Gronksmas. E 4 Simultaneous Vortex Exit. E 3 Udder Madness. E 2 Inane Utterings of a Brainwashed People. E 1 Ungrateful Wads of Protein. Battlestar Galactica 78 Full Episode s. E 22 The Plan. E 21 Razor. E 21 Daybreak, Part 3. E 20 Daybreak, Part 2.

E 19 Daybreak, Part 1. E 16 Deadlock. E 15 No Exit.

midnight rewind syfy

E 14 Blood On The Scales. E 13 The Oath. Page 1 of 7. Blood Drive 13 Full Episode s. E 13 Finish Line. E 12 Faces of Blood Drive. E 10 Scar Tissue. E 9 The Chopsocky Special. E 8 A Fistful of Blood.

midnight rewind syfy

E 7 Gentleman's Agreement.Ladies and Gentlemen, Bastards and Tramps. Bloodsuckers, Motherfuckers, Road Trash and Vamps. To the Queer and the Strange — those in the crowd and those on the stage — to the Violent, the Malevolent, and those seeking the grave …. Midnight Grindhouse is the home of every bastard, tramp, bloodsucker and motherfucker who loves the films that no one else does. As a love letter to these films, Midnight Grindhouse made the show Blood Drive, which premiered on the Syfy network June 14th, Each episode either honors a particular sub-genre that the exploitation world made famous, or forges its own genre territory while capturing the grindhouse vibe.

Read more About. Dear Bleeders, Unfortunately, your suspicions are correct. Syfy has canceled Blood Drive after one season. I found out not too long ago, but have been trying to think of a way to tell you guys since I felt it was up to me to….

Read more Aaaaaand … scene. Read more Home. Skip to content Ladies and Gentlemen, Bastards and Tramps. To the Queer and the Strange — those in the crowd and those on the stage — to the Violent, the Malevolent, and those seeking the grave … Welcome home.

I found out not too long ago, but have been trying to think of a way to tell you guys since I felt it was up to me to… Read more Aaaaaand … scene.


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