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If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Jotaro is a tall, handsome, and well-built man. He has short, black hair, a strong jaw, bold eyebrows, and light eyes. He also bears a mild resemblance to his great-great grandfather Jonathan Joestar and his grandfather Joseph Joestar when he was a young man. The superficial theme of Jotaro's attire changes in each successive part.

His trademarks are a visored, ornamented cap, torn at the back and blending with his hair, and a roughly mid-calf-length coat with a standing collar.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:Golden Wind OST: ~Giorno's Theme~ "Il vento d'oro" (Main Theme)

Two of Jotaro's schoolmates and the school nurse affirm that it seems impossible to best him in a fight. After gaining Star Platinum, this trait easily carries over to his encounters with new Stand users. Jotaro loves his mother and respects his grandfather, although he may not be overt about it. Jotaro is both fierce and gentle, and he shows these traits in various scenes, from the fight with N'Doul to the encounters with the D'Arby brothers.

One shining example is how he spared Noriaki Kakyoininstead of destroying him outright, even putting his own life in the line just to save Kakyoin from DIO's deadly slavery. Jotaro is occasionally chased by adoring girls, including his classmates; whom he ignores or drives away; particularly when they begin to fuss or bicker.

He is DIO's main target, who acknowledges that Jotaro is his greatest threat. Apparently key to Jotaro's perceived chance of success in his final battle with Dio is the extent to which DIO is able to anger him. Jotaro was born in Japan and was supervised much by his mother Holly Kujo. When he reached his teenage years, he began to go more tough. After badly beating up four gang members, he turned himself to the police. While in jail, he showed his danger by attempting to shoot himself, but an arm inside him stopped him.

After Joseph Joestar failed to get his grandson out of jail, his friend Muhammad Avdol had no choice but to force him out. Joseph then reveals that Jotaro was in possession of a stand named "Star Platinum".

On one of his school days, Jotaro was suddenly attacked by a young man named Noriaki Kakyoin and his stand "Hierophant Green".

jotaro theme

Jotaro then realized that Kakyoin was possessed by the Joestars' old enemy, Dio Brando now renamed "DIO"because of a flesh bud that Jotaro managed to bravely pull out. When Holly was developing an out-of-control stand, Jotaro realized that to save his mother, he had to kill DIO. The heroes then journeyed all the way to Egypt, fighting through many obstacles DIO threw at them.

Sometime after the final battle in Egypt, Jotaro visits the town of Morioh to visit his uncle Josuke Higashikata. In the town, he fears an outbreak of stand users popping up all over the town. While Akira Otoishi was originally thought to be the villain, he eventually finds out that it is actually a serial killer by the name of Yoshikage Kira.

Jotaro's wife calls him to come help bail her out but he refuses and hangs up because he had to go to Tokyo for an emergency. Due to his busy lifestyle, he divorced from his wife. Despite the lage gap between his relationship between Jotaro and his daughter, he still cares about his daughter.

When she was imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit, Jotaro learned of Johngalli A's link with DIO and comes to Green Dolphin Street prison to have Jolyne escape, aware that it is a trap. However he and Jolyne are attacked by Johngalli A and his Stand Whitesnake which cooperate to take down Jotaro; despite his prowess, Whitesnake manages to steal Jotaro's Stand and memories, storing them in the form of DISCs and he falls into a coma.I beat the crap outta people, more than I have to.

Some are even still in the hospital. I've had idiot teachers who like to talk big, so I taught them a lesson, and they never came back to class. If I go to a restaurant and the food is bad, I make it a policy to stiff 'em with the bill. But, even a bastard like me True evil, are those who use the weak for their own gain, then crush them underfoot when they're through!

Especially an innocent woman! And that is exactly what you've done, isn't it? And your Stand gets to hide from the victim, the law, and the consequences. That's why I will judge you myself!

Too bad you won't be able to tell the time after I break it. Break your facethat is. Here, he is confronted by his grandfather and his friend, Muhammad Avdolwho reveals that this evil spirit is the manifestation of his vital energy, a Stand - Star Platinum. After being told of the reappearance and story of his great-great-grandfather's killer, DIOJotaro expresses disinterest and contempt, but due to DIO's use of the Stand Arrowthe Joestar bloodline begins to awaken Stands of their own; including his mother, who is too peaceful to survive and exist with such a power.

Driven to save his mother, Jotaro sets on a course to Egypt with his grandfather and their allies to defeat the immortal DIO, as the Stardust Crusaders. Ten years later in Part IV: Diamond is UnbreakableJotaro arrives in the town of Morioh to locate his grandfather's illegitimate son, Josuke Higashikataand warn him of the dangers lurking in his unassuming town. Star Platinum has Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsAfterimage Creation Its attacks often leave numerous afterimagesEnhanced Senses At least vision, possibly more due to the ambiguity of having "extreme precision"Extrasensory Perception Much like its userSize ManipulationLimited Elasticity Can extend its index and middle fingers to attack othersSuper Breath Can continuously draw in air with his lungs, managed to remove fog from nearly an entire townFlight Within its effective rangeNon-Corporeality Stands are the incorporeal manifestations of one's vital energy, and can only be harmed by other StandsNon-Physical Interaction Stands can interact with ghosts and other StandsSelective Intangibility As with most Stands, though Star Platinum has phased limbs in order to reach Jotaro's heart beforeInvisibility Stands can only be seen by other Stands and Stand UsersAura.

All previous abilities, Star Platinum: The World which has Time Stop Can stop time for up to five seconds, allows Jotaro to stop time as wellLimited Resistance to Time Stop Can see and think within stopped time as well as move at the cost of using his own personal five second limit. Attack Potency : Wall level Casually beat up Foreveran orangutan. Kicked a cop so hard he flew into and destroyed a garage door. Inhaled all of Enyaba's air. His strength reduces to an unknown degree in later Parts due to his old age.

Specifically stated by Stone Ocean infographics to surpass the speed of light. Stated to be able to keep up with Red Hot Chili Pepper traveling at the speed of light, although this could be due to his ability to stop time. Lifting Strength : Athletic Human Can effortlessly carry adult men with one arm.

Stamina : Very high. Jotaro's willpower and resilience are phenomenal, enough for him to withstand many beatdowns from DIO and the World during their climactic showdown, persisting to deliver a killing blow even after having multiple bones broken.

In Diamond is UnbreakableJotaro was able to continue advancing on and dodging attacks from Bug-Eaten despite continually stopping time whilst being affected by his poison.

After being nearly killed by Sheer Heart Attack, Jotaro was still able to force himself to his feet and catch Kira off guard before beating him down with Star Platinum: The World. Range : Extended melee range with Star Platinum around 2 metersseveral meters with Star Finger, at least a few hundred meters with projectiles He can flick projectiles up to seventy meters with perfect accuracy before outside conditions effects his precision and threw Iggy around meters at N'Douluniversal with time stop.

Though his Stand may be the simplest of all, Jotaro's intelligence more than makes up for this straightforwardness, as he can easily bluff and lure opponents into vulnerable positions from which to beat them senseless.

When cornered, Jotaro will even rely on the Joestar secret technique of simply running away, though to a more advantageous position, such as luring Rubber Soul into the water so that he'd have no choice to breathe. Impressively, he even bluffed Daniel J.It is the second animated adaptation of the manga's third part, Stardust Crusadersfollowing an original video animation series by A.

The series aired for 48 episodes, split into two parts consisting of 24 episodes each. Viz Media released a Blu-ray set of the first 24 episodes, that includes English and Japanese audio with subtitles for the Japanese, in North America on July 3, Set inthe series follows Jotaro Kujo and his comrades who have developed mysterious powers known as Stands.

Jotaro, his grandfather Joseph Joestar and their allies, travel to Egypt in search of the evil and immortal vampire Dio Brandonow known solely as "DIO" to save Jotaro's mother Holly, whose Stand has awakened and threatens to consume her in 50 days. Meanwhile, DIO has commissioned a number of assassins with various types of deadly Stands to destroy them before they can reach him. The opening theme for the first half of the season is " Stand Proud ", performed by Jin Hashimotowhile the ending theme is American female pop rock band The Bangles ' single " Walk Like an Egyptian ".

The original score for the series is composed by Yugo Kanno. The first soundtrack album Departure was released on July 30,and a second soundtrack album Journey was included with the second volume of the Blu-ray releases, released on August 27, Prologue: Inoff the coast of the Canary Islandsa coffin with the word "DIO" on the front is salvaged from the depths. The crew attempts to open it, but find that it is locked from the inside. Later, their ship is found, mysteriously abandoned with no signs of a struggle.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the TV anime series. For the original manga arc, see Stardust Crusaders. He does not have a speaking role. Similarly, the ending sequence was omitted for the first two episodes, with the credits rolling over an instrumental from the soundtrack until the introduction of the ending sequence and theme song in the third broadcast. In instances where names are altered from the Japanese version, the original Japanese translation is used on the left while the edited Crunchyroll title is used on the right.

June 20, Archived from the original on June 20, Retrieved June 20, December 22, Archived from the original on April 10, Retrieved March 30, Jotaro is a biracial half-Japanese delinquent who lives an ordinary life until the Joestar Family 's old enemy, DIOreturns. Seeing his mother Holy falling ill because of DIO, and heeding his grandfather Joseph Joestar 's call, Jotaro travels to Egypt in order to save his mother and stop the Vampire once and for all.

Wielding the incredibly powerful Star PlatinumJotaro is the first JoJo introduced with a Standand is among the most well-known characters of the series.

He has dark hair that constantly blends with his hat, a strong jaw, bold eyebrows, and green eyes. The superficial theme of Jotaro's attire changes in each part.

jotaro theme

His trademarks are a visored, ornamented cap, torn at the back and blending with his hair, and a roughly mid-calf-length coat with a standing collar and chains attached. He also wears a pair of leather shoes presumably without socks.

Jotaro's iconic cap is adorned near the center with a golden button and, on its left, a rectangular golden plate with a design of a flattened hand.

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It is torn at the back, appearing to merge with his hair. While they are first shown as being completely separate but slightly torn, later publications cause more uncertainty as to where his hat and his hair actually meet.

According to Araki in an interview, he wanted readers to recognize Jotaro even from his back, and not just his forefront. Jotaro's outfit undergoes a few transitions during this arc. In his first outfit, he wears a trench coat with the collar folded back and cuffs that feature the same tessellated pattern as his belts.

Underneath the coat is a jumper of sorts over a stiff high-collared shirt; a buckled strap also runs diagonally across his chest. His hat has a metallic "J" emblem added to his earlier palm, now enclosed by a heart. His second outfit, first worn during the Let's Go "Hunting"!

His hat's emblems are replaced with a dolphin and sun, while his coat features a metallic emblem of two dolphins forming a heart on the right shoulder and a set square W with the trademark palm symbol on the left.

His final outfit features a coat with a similar style to the second outfit, but has the tessellated cuffs that were present in the first. Underneath, Jotaro wears a small, open, lapel-less waistcoat patterned with alternating circles and crosses over a black turtleneck with the palm emblem on the neck.

His two belts are no longer patterned, but the bottom has a small pouch attached to it. Jotaro again wears a dark overcoat; this time of more detail. Lines ring the top and the base of his collar; joining to run the length of the coat's opening.Skip to main content.

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jotaro theme

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Jotaro Kujo

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