Dsg tune worth it

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Take a moment and browse our media galleries to see what people have been saying about us! The DSG gearbox is an amazing bundle of technologies with over 50 patents protecting it. The mechanical and software details of this technology are on lockdown from even the dealerships who are not allowed to perform any service other than the basic maintenance.

Is DSG Software Upgrade worth it?

Not to let this dissuade us, in HPA began our study to understand the overall mechanical limits of the DSG gearbox and compare it to those of the known manual gearbox. These efforts, along with our 15 year reputation in the field, gained us the attention of Volkswagen and earned us the right to exclusively build the three RGT project cars Jetta, Passat, and Toaureg for the debut at the SEMA show.

Unlike simple engine tuning which involves the use of one of many readily available programming interfaces to manipulate the spark and fuel of the engine map, tuning the DSG involves many more parameters and a secure understanding of how these react to various vehicle inputs. Reading and writing software to an ECU is one thing, but without the experience and first hand knowledge of cause and effect generated by manipulating the blind variables of the DSG software, it is a potentially dangerous situation.

In earlymany tuners began offering big power upgrades for DSG equipped cars without consideration of augmenting this critical piece of hardware. HPA has worked since with an evolving understanding of the DSG system to develop cohesive power packages that deliver proven, durable, results.

It was not until late that a feasible avenue to offer this DSG performance software to the general public was realized. Throughout our first two trips around the continent we further studied the idiosyncrasies of the various OEM DSG files and finalized our official offerings. With an HPA tune, each file is created specifically for the car which it is being written to. This ensures that sensitive emissions and hardware interfaces are not jeopardized by an attempted one file fits all strategy.


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dsg tune worth it

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If you're new to forums in general, be sure to check out the Forum FAQ. To start viewing posts, select the forum section that you want to visit from the selection below. Worth it? Results 1 to 14 of Thread: Dsg tune. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. My Photo Gallery: 0. My Classifieds: 0. Dsg tune.

APR DSG tune worth it?

Guest-only advertisement. Register or Log In now! I have a s3 with a apr tune. Stage 1 high torque. I am considering the tcu tune also. Opinions needed. It is worth it. I am stage 2 and I would say it's a requirement. My understanding is that it changes the clamping pressures to prevent clutch slipping. I understand that you want to prevent this to prolong the life of the dsg with the increased torque. Get it, the APR high output file really puts everything though its paces.

I believe I experienced some slippage when running it without a DSG tune. There is a noticeable difference in the downshifts and upshifts ,specially when driving in S mode. Have you ever had the car bounce of the rev limiter from 1st gear to 2nd gear, if so, the flash cures that. I got it done and I love it. Originally Posted by Slo.Forgot your password?

So after countless hours of research and reading up about a stage 1 DSG tune, I decided to take the plunge and get my R estate tune with Unitronic's stage 1. And besides, so many people on the forums recommended the DSG tune and everyone seems to be saying that it is worth the price, so I can't really go wrong, right? I drive my car mostly exclusively in manual mode. Very rarely do i put it in automatic, and for this reason, I think that the DSG tune is not worth it for me.

The tune basically just changes the shift points in auto mode so that the car doesn't change gears too early in Normal mode, and in Sport mode, it doesn't change gears too late. Apart from that, I did not perceive any difference in shifting speeds from the stock tune in both auto and manual mode. So in conclusion, if you drive your car mostly in auto mode - then the DSG tune is worth it for you.

I found in Race mode on track it really worked well although I switched between that and manual. It gives me peace of mind before going further ie Stage 2.

DSG Tuning

I drive mine mostly in auto around town and in Eco as it shifts quickly thru the box. On open roads I switch to normal or comfort for everyday smooth comfy progress on British roads and I find if you feather the throttle lightly the DSG knows that you want earlier up shifts It takes a while to work with the box by careful positioning of the throttle pedal. I think it works great and does exactly what it says on the tinchanging gears at more appropriate times.

Yes, it works great - for drivers who drive mostly in auto mode. But I mostly drive in manual mode. The only time I will drive in auto mode is when I first start her up and I let her automatically shift through the gears as she warms up. But once that oil temperature reaches 90 degrees C - it's manual all the way.

I just love to downshift with the DSG and hear the car rev-match and the exhaust burble. You just don't get that experience in Normal auto mode. And it is the lack of difference between the DSG tune and stock tune in Manual mode that is to me, disappointing.These charges will be taken from your deposit.

By completing your order, you are acknowledging that you understand this policy. Please contact us if you have questions. How to connect Kess Tool to Transmission.

Required for all North American and some International 2. Many customers have turned to us for this very reason. It takes time, so for now only their ECU tunes are readily available. If you want a factory quality tuning solution, then do not settle halfway with just an ECU tune. Consider getting our complete tuning package. Not all cars are able to take advantage of all these features, for example some Passat TDIs may not show gear number in D mode.

I really don't care if you have nothing done to your vee-dub, this tune is a must have! I'm very happy with the DSG tune. Aside from it allowing me to take full advantage of an ECU tune, the DSG tune has several features that should have come on the car to begin with.

Gear indicator is a huge help, and I love that manual mode is truly manual. Putting the car in S doesn't feel confused anymore - it feels like driving a stick shift that is being properly shifted for you. I had this tune for about a week before I got the ECU tune so I was able to test it alone and I'm also happy to report that the altered transmission behavior has no detrimental effect on mileage when being driven for the purpose of getting good mileage. With the same driving style, my average MPG is the same.

My only complaint is that this is not tuneable through OBD and if you don't have a nearby dealer, it's a 1k deposit and some shipping both ways which not only adds to the cost 50 bucks shipping but makes it impossible to swap back and forth or re apply the tune if your dealer accidentally flashes it to stock.

All in all, great upgrade. The tune makes a huge difference and the instructions were easy to follow and the software was pretty easy to use. The changes in transmission make an immediately noticeable change for the better. The changes to shift points and rev band really keep optimal drivability in mind WHILE not negatively effecting economy. I think as a first step every DSG owner should do the this tune, even before any performance tune.

This is a game changer. Noticeable difference immediately. The car is far easier to drive and much more user friendly. I truly wish I hadn't procrastinated and did this sooner!

Gear shifts are smoother. I can see what gear I'm in! Launch control, ;-! No more unwarranted downshifts! No hesitation off the line! I can't see how anyone that has a vehicle with a DSG transmission would not be satisfied after this tune.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

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dsg tune worth it

New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Ducatij Start date Jan 22, Ducatij Ready to race! Location DC metro area.

dsg tune worth it

Don't worry, I did search but to no avail. Bluntly enough, is the apr dsg tune worth the money? I just did the stage 1 tune and love it but never considered the transmission tune. I assume it's worth it for longevity with the ecu tune, right?

Any insight if it's smoother and worth the money Tia Ducatij. My buddy Manny has it on his Location Westchester, New York. The Eurodyne by far is the better of the 2. Location Bridgewater, NJ. Why is that? What are the major differences? Sent from my XT using Tapatalk.

ExcelerateRep1 Go Kart Champion. Location Branford, CT. The DSG Tune is in every way an improvement over the factory tune. Well worth the cost!

Location Irvine, California. If you always change gears yourself with the DSG, is it still worth the upgrade? ModdedEuros Go Kart Champion. Location PA. DSG tunes are definitely something worth looking at. Obsrvr Ready to race!Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: DSG tunes, is all the hype worth it? DSG tunes, is all the hype worth it? We have been offering various DSG tunes for over 2 years, not sure why people think its all fancy and new.

Malone Tuning DSG Tune - Golf/Jetta/New Beetle/Passat (AAR403)

The changes made can improve the driving experience immensely but be careful you are not being sold smoke and mirrors. You are best to tell the tuner what you want and what you dont like about the car and the DSG rather than have them tell you quite possibly the only option they have available and sell it as the best in the world. Food for thought Last edited by Tuning Dynamics; at PM. What the Fuck does W. F mean? Cheers, DSG tuning has been around for a fair while, but just wanted to put out there that there are different ways to do it, some tools will only allow basics and some will do full reads of the DSG ecu by connecting directly.

Some things i would be after in a DSG tune I have heaps more but can't think right now, haha. Doable with the exception of the ESP switching, although I am not aware of anyone asking for that ever. Personally, I'd leave that to manual switching myself. You'd need a redline from your ECU tune as well. Originally Posted by lankfert. Stage 3 Polo GTI. Agree to disagree eh! Sehr Gute! Estblshd SpeednStyle Tumblr.

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dsg tune worth it

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