Beretta dt11 vs perazzi

Perazzi MX8. Moderator: Rev. Posted: Sun Aug 16, pm. I had the chance to spend some time with both and while I have made up my own mind I would like to see what the board thinks of these two war horses and how they compare to each other. I prefer the Perazzi. If buying new and ordering the gun you can select the barrel lengths, rib style, barrel weight, chokes, mid ribs, bead type, trigger type, forend type, stock dimensions etc to suit your requirements.

You don't have anything like those options with a DT When ordering a Perazzi then, and comparing to a DT10, you can specify the gun with a stock to your own dimensions and barrels set up that it will handle like a DT10, faster than a DT10 or slower than a DT10 so to directly compare the fit and handling dynamics between the two is rather more complicated than it may appear at face value. In my part of the world an MX8 or MX is more expensive than a DT10 so it doesn't seem unreasonable to expect that the fit, finish etc might be a little better, you are paying more so you should get more and I believe you do.

If buying used or off the shelf buy the one that best suits you in terms of fit and balance or the one you shoot the best if you can shoot both. The down side with the Perazzi options is that it means that looking at and shooting one Perazzi might not give you much idea about what some other seemingly similar Perazzi may be like.

If one had gram fixed choked barrels and the other had gram choke tubed barrel they will be quite different handling. Stock dimensions on one gun might suit you down to the ground while another might be completely wrong.

You might like the pistol grip on gun A while gun B might be very different you can specify pistol grip dimensions. Gun A might have a flat tapered rib with only an orange front bead while gun B could have a parallel ramped rib with a white front bead and a mid bead. Etc etc etc Perazzi without a doubt for me. I have shot both and own both. Both have similar fit and finish, neither one stands out as having a better fit and finish.

Both, to me, swing and handle the same. Neither one stood out as having better handling over the other. Thats a tough question. I think it's going to come down to what you like best. Posted: Mon Aug 17, am. Forgetting cost for a moment, I think these guns are similar. If you are buying new, the options available from Perazzi are very nice.

But, those options also make them two completely different guns. If you know what you want, the Perazzi seems to be the right choice. However, if you're like most of us and not completely sure about all the dimensions and dynamics of a gun, the Beretta is a known quantity. Crazy huh? So, Scala, what was your choice and why? I haven't run into any trouble with mine.

I have DT10L And have not had any problems. I like my DT10 and it seems to be a great gun. As far as the Perazzi I never had owned one but I am sure they are great guns. Perazzi is my vote as well and is one of the guns in my safe. Bryce pretty well stated all the reasons. That's one of the better pro-Perazzi posts. Posted: Mon Aug 17, pm. IMHO the Perazzi is better made than the DT10 And the options you have with a Perazzi are almost endless,which is great,but can also be a problem because we all know what we want but very few of us know what we really need But if you know what you want and more importantly what you need then Perazzi will make the perfect gun for you.By Dibs, March 15, in Guns.

So after some advice! I was about to buy a DT11 this week but just found a lovely 10 which is as new and only done carts. I have shot both and struggling to see where my extra ish will go 11 is 4k and 10 is 2. So in real world shooting terms as opposed to re marketing steelium etc etc im trying to find a reason not to buy the Any owners shed some light.

I haven't shot the 11 so can't comment on the handling but the way I understand from friends who have them is that recoil is reduced due to the over boring and handling is different due to extra weight of wider action. You would have to try both to make your own informed decision.

Try one.

Beretta & Perazzi - are they on the same level?

I have one for sale! Gun choice will always be personal as your wishes of weight and handling are your own. The recoil is amazingly low in an 11 though.

Did about 25 reg shoots with it. Scores a bit down and have to tryout another gun to see if that has been the reason! Certainly no instant fix with the Blaser so far.

beretta dt11 vs perazzi

But at least I have a new thing to focus on. Not much in it, I shoot the 11 and like the extra weight I shoot mostly maintained lead and feel the slower gun helps, the recoil is less than the dt10 cause it weighs more I don't think it's anything got to do with the over bored barrels, if you shoot mostly swing thru id say the dt10 might be the better option, what gun do you shoot at the moment? I don't regret changing from Browning and Zoli to the F3.

A Beretta of any type wasn't an option due to previous issues. I changed to cure head lifting and the F3 high rib has cured this instantly and at a price I think worth the expense and within my budget.

It does take some getting used to in the handling department, but then what gun doesn't? Just seem to be over leading everything at close range - in fact it was Will who pointed it out to me a couple of shoots ago at Owls Lodge. At the end of the day, only you can answer your question by trying both and chose which you feel comfortable with and can live with long term.

Best for luck with the Blaser will, my scores with the 11 are up and down, but it's me not the gun Iv put in some good scores and And that led me to think I'm better than I really am, then when I drop more birds by the 4th stand than I'd expect for the full course I trow in the towel, i need to toughen up big time.

I like the 11 but i can't see it's giving me anything over the 10! Yes a change of gun is just a distraction really. Another thing to think about that isn't a broken clay. I was rubbish today, but usually hit the first pair well, so it ain't the gun! Find one that ticks the obvious boxes for you and just keep with it until it is something you don't think about. I am a bit odd were this is concerned as I think sometimes a quick go with another gun can be A fun and B can confirm that your usual one is the right one.

If I'm honest every 11 I have picked up feels horrible, maybe I've been unlucky but there isn't anyone really shooting one well. All the beretta sporting lads that got one have gone back to their 10s or something different completely. I have shouldered a DT11 - my DT10 feels better. There is nothing that the 11 does better, the recoil thing is highly subjective and certainly easy to disprove. Both are superbly well made but so long as you can find an unworn DT10 it is quite hard to justify the extra expense, if I'm honest I can't even justify the difference from a to a DT10, not scores wise anyway.

Shot my DT 11 with fibre only this weekend nothing wrong with the breaks, anything that didn't break I wasn't on, but my scores were well below average as they always are when I shoot fibre thru any gun, I hate them the lack of recoil just hate everything about them. You should be getting MORE recoil with fibre cartridges. If less, you really are using junk or they don't suit the gun.Log in or Sign up.

beretta dt11 vs perazzi

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Attention: We have put together a thread with tips and a tutorial video to help with using the new software. Please take a moment to check out the thread here: Trapshooters. Previous Thread Next Thread. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: What is your opinion; do you think Beretta is on par with Perazzi?

Sam T. Remove Advertisement. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 2, IMHO, i'd say inbetween. Beretta would only be on the same level as a Perazzi if they were side by side on the same table. HitapairFeb 15, Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 3, I would put Browning close to the same level as Beretta and much higher on the food chain than Remington or Winchester. Joined: May 12, Messages: BGXFeb 15, Great line. Perazzis are "venerable" Berettas are "disposable" K80s still have the european "snobbery" Browning put Japan back in the "gun business" Seitz set into motion the trend back to single purpose "SBTs" Rems are only good to the JACKFeb 16, Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 5, Location: atlantic city nj.

Yes and NO! Not a fair comparison. Bretta maks lowr priced and lower quality guns than Perazzi but they also make guns in th sam catagory and above in the case of a SO 9 Beretta it is above anything that Perazzi is currntly building. So there you have it Yes and No. Joe Goldberg. Joined: Nov 12, Messages: 3, Great to see Mike from New Orleans back!!! All Good!!! Chango2Feb 16, Boxing the trigger is when you pull the first trigger but don't release it enough for the 2nd trigger to set.

Then you pull again and have nothing until you completely release the trigger. I can't box a Perazzi trigger as the cross over is so short. I've yet to do it.DT11 Moderator: Rev. Posted: Wed Oct 24, am.

I like them both. I prefer the skinny K grip over the DT's and the thinner comb of the K gun. That said, if I were buying I would think exactly as you are: The DT has a similar feel, moves about the same as the K gun, is soft shooting with the new tapered bores and is a lot less expensive.

I can fix the comb. It's a wonderful problem to have--two good choices. Posted: Wed Oct 24, pm. I have a DT10L 32" and it is a wonderful gun. I shoot with a buddy that has a K Super Scroll 32" barrels. I have shot both gun back to back.

Perazzi High Tech Quick Look.

The K feels a little heaver than the DT Beside that both are top shelf guns. For me the K80 was not enough difference to trade my DT10 for. Balance was very good on both guns. I was the told the new DT11 has a softer felt recoil. If it dose I would go with the DT That something you have to decide on. Remember the K80 has a better resale if you didn't like the gun and wanted to sell it.

Perazzi High Tech

Personally, if I was looking at dropping that much money on a gun, I would be doing exactly that - not just shouldering one or shooting a round of skeet or whatever, but a good solid month shooting it all the time to see if it really is the one I want.

It was an early DT10 that had all of the early problems. Most seem to agree these early guns issue are non-exsistant in the present DT10 and DT11 guns. So I will only adress the differences in feel and sight picture, as I also owned a K80, 32 inch light barrels with Ti chokes.

The DT10 swings lighter.The center-mass of the DT11 is designed to be low and coaxial with the bottom barrel, giving this shotgun unmatched stability and greatly reducing muzzle rise. The best-in-class DT10 action has therefore morphed into the even-better DT11 receiver. The overall 3mm increase in the width of the receiver went all to enhance wall thickness, so that the gun will not only be even more durable, but also offer dreamlike stability and balance to the competitive shooter.

Thanks to its unequaled experience, Beretta knows that at the professional level every detail can make the difference between gold and silver.

We have accordingly incorporated several tweaks to the design of the DT11 for a no-compromise quest for victory. The redesigned top lever improves the grip, reduces stress and provides more comfort for both right- and left-handed shooters. Also, the shape of the safety selector has been redesigned for a better grip and smoother operation, to keep the mind of the competitor where it matters without any fatigue or distraction.

The long, mm forcing cone keeps shot patterns consistently accurate while minimizing recoil and muzzle rise. Also, the newly designed barrel bridges are internally hollowed, while the side ribs are windowed to improve barrel balance and help dissipate heat. For the ultimate in hi-performance dedicated sporting shotguns, check out the SO5.

Beretta has continued to improve the bore and performance of its barrels on competition shotguns like DT and By lengthening the forcing cone on Steelium Plus and Steelium Pro barrels, the transition from chamber to bore diameter also This shotgun is available with the optional B-Fast comb system. This is a configuration of the buttstock that enables you to easily modify the drop and cast of the comb to suit your exact preferences.

At mm The trigger group is easily detachable for quick and trouble-free cleaning and maintenance. Also, the main parts of the trigger group are captive.

Out of the box, trigger breaks at 3. The locking system on the DT11 is absolutely vault-like, and will remain tough even after years of competition. The new finish on the DT11 is designed to give you Italian-style elegance while minimizing glare while shooting.

Optima-Bore HP choke geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, with steel or lead shot. Thanks to its design, shot pattern remains perfectly uniform whatever the shell size or load, giving you consistency and accuracy while shooting.

Optima-Bore HP choke tubes further enhance the effect. Steelium is a proprietary tri-alloy blend that Beretta uses for barrels. Among the many benefits it offers is a combination between lightness and exceptional resistance to shock and deformation. For the hunter, this means absolute shot consistency steel or leadaccuracy and a shotgun that will give you several lifetimes of enjoyment. Compared to its predecessor the DT10the DT11 features a receiver full 3mm wider.

In practical terms, this means additional weight placed right where the point of balance should be--resulting in more stability and pointability, and less felt recoil. Sign up to receive emails from Beretta for special sales, new product developments, and select Beretta news. Would you like to log into Beretta using your logged in facebook information?Last year was monumental for our shotgun reviewers.

There were several new ranges from almost every brand in the market. So as we enterwe felt it would be the ideal moment to look back on the last 12 months and figure out the best guns of W hen Perazzi introduced the High Tech Trap ina dedicated Sporter was a natural progression that has since captured the imagination of the Sporting community. A heavier, wider action, longer forcing cones and a rib that gets wider as it reaches the muzzle are all brand new concepts to the Italian manufacturer.

You can get the Sporter with a fixed trigger action, or the removable trigger option that made Perazzi famous with the MX8. There is also a strong, contemporary decoration on the shotgun, in comparison to the delicate scrolls on the various MX series. The coach and gunsmith has imported Perazzi shotguns via RUAG for years, but offering custom gun fitting and a novel rib concept. While most shotgun ribs narrow as the barrel reaches the muzzle, John believes his Reverse Sloping Rib gives you better acuity for the target and makes shooting more accurate.

The action of the Suprema is manufactured by great gunmakers — once partners of Daniele Perazzi — and has all the workings of a fantastic shotgun, while John Jeffries adds a competition element to it that cannot be overlooked. K rieghoff stands alone in the world of gunmaking. While most guns traditionally copy a hybrid of Boss, Beretta or Browning designs, Krieghoff has its own design arrangement in the moving breech shroud that locks the gun above the explosion of the cartridge.

beretta dt11 vs perazzi

In addition to this, a set of free-floating barrels have made the K an notable option that has developed a dedicated following. In recent years, Krieghoff has made its barrels thinner, lighter and added side ribs onto the gun, to remove the gap between the over-and-under barrels.

Powered by a strong coil spring the barrel selection pushes hard on the rear of the sears and the trigger has absolutely no free play. T he Zoli is another Italian shotgun that has made great in-roads to the British market.

The gun is well made with nods to Perazzi and the traditional Brescia guild of shotgun manufacturers. But the Z-Sport High Rib has attracted the eyes of many.

There has definitely been a trend forming of late with more high-ribbed shotguns being used for Sporting, and Zoli has jumped on that bandwagon with success. As ever the barrels are made extremely well, bored to However, Zoli dispenses with these complexities and replaces them with a pair of shallow under-barrel lumps that engage with the receiver floor to more easily perform similar strength-enhancing support. Rizzini Competition Few companies in the world make a scaled gauge shotgun, instead they build a monobloc that accepts bore barrels but fits a gauge receiver.

But Rizzini is not like most companies.Im in a lucky position where a deal is happening which will allow me to treat myself to the next stage of guns for my collection. My wildcard option would be a brand new Beretta dt11 i havnt seen or held but every review i have read says how good this is. I'd say krieghoff all day long but I shoot one.

Will be very different to Perazzi- you won't shoot both well; depends what you are coming from. DT11, may as well get a DT10 and save some cash. Thing is i currently have 2 guns very much like the Beretta gold E so looking for something in the next level up.

Im selling both SxS's and the pump to free up room plus i dont use them so they are wasted really. Kriegs are big yet balance their weight surprisingly well. Beretta DT11 this is only one I have not shot I am staggered by how much it is though I would always buy second hand and for your budget you will be able to pick up alot of gun I'd go for a second hand SO5 or SO6, a lot of gun for the money and should retain its value well.

I have a DT10 and recently shot a Kreighoff for about 50 shots on a sportrap layout, I liked it a lot and if I was changing this is what I would be going for. With a Kreighoff you know as soon as you see it if from the other side of the ground. Nice to look at but poorly put together. DT wont look as nice but won't fall to bits either.

Perazzi ok as long as you don't have to ask for anything other than bog standard. If you do be prepared for a 18 month wait, and to receive the wrong item a couple if times! I used to use a K80 and think it was a stunning gun I had before this a gold e and a marocchi the k80 is the best clay gun around in my opinion and nothing comes close IMO I have not shot a K80 but having handled one and been amazed at how the weight seems to disappear when it comes to shoulder I'd be very tempted.

It felt better than anything else I've tried. Then again the MX, with a trip to Italy for the factory to stock it to suit you for free, sounds good too. I'd get both if I were you.


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